China are willing to cope with pneumonia

The Pakistan Senate recently adopted a resolution and expressed support for China’s response to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia. The Ministry of Commerce and Foreign Affairs spokesman answered questions related to this on-line and said China would appreciate Pakistan’s resolve. Stressed that he was willing.

Reportedly, the Pakistan Senate adopted a resolution on February 10 and expressed support for China’s response to the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia, and appreciated Pakistan’s response and actions taken by Chinese students in Pakistan. It will respond to the virus infection pneumonia.

Speaking on this, Gyeongsang spokesman said China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic cooperative partners and have a very good tradition of helping each other as “very trustworthy friends.” He pointed out that the resolution once again embodied the determination of China and Pakistan’s people to overcome their hardships, and proved again that China and Pakistan are fateful communities that can overcome hardships and help each other. He emphasized that China is willing to strengthen cooperation with the international community, including Pakistan, and promote global public health projects in a joint response to pneumonia. He also expressed that China is willing to strengthen communication and cooperation with Pakistan based on its highly responsible attitude and to keep the health and safety of Pakistani citizens in China in good faith.

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