Dragon Ball Kakarot Review-At that time, we were all five.[PS4]

What are your memories of the anime you enjoyed in childhood?

I watched the garrison garrison and memorized the mausoleum, and while watching the sun knight Pico had a romance for the robot, I personally liked the cartoon of the Jurassic World Cup. After watching a cartoon, I would go out to the playground and shout like a protagonist. The pinnacle of this empathy was the “Dragon Ball” series.

Since the appearance of the cell, I began to fall into Dragon Ball in earnest.Oban’s exploding rage, and afterwards, I’ve been immersed in each scene, such as the battle with Minebou, and the ending of the GT. It’s still crisp. Perhaps as a child, we once saw Dragon Ball and became “Son Goku”. As shown in the video, I played Energipa on my way home with my friends. I closed my head and made super hair, and remembered to clench my fists.

Maybe “Dragon Ball Z Kakarot”, which we will review today, is a great game to make your childhood dreams come true.

We’ll take a look at the quality of this title, which has received many fans’ concerns and expectations since its release, and how much quality it will show.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot basically deals with the story of Goku.

Very young episodes are missing, but since the first adult Goku meets Vegeta, he’s faithfully portrayed Dragon Ball Z’s basic stories, including the artificial human-Cell-Mineboo. As the composition and development of the story are taken from the old classics, I will not evaluate how the plot is and how the double track is constructed. This game is just a copy of the original cartoon.

When I played the game, there were a lot of things that I wanted to do well. In particular, the cutscenes and directings that were shown at the heart of the story were of very good quality. If the artist remakeed Dragon Ball in time, I would have come out with this feeling.

Obviously, it feels boring and missing out of nowhere, but the fabulous presentations in the decisive part surely helped keep the game playing.

Of course, the details of the story were a bit unfortunate. I think this should be seen as a problem in the process of moving cartoons into games.

There were some things that filled the volume of the game, inevitably stuffed with meaningless things. On the contrary, there was a scene that simplified the story that must be present. The battle scene with Cell is one of the best examples. Oban, who opens up his power with anger from the original, shows off his strength by playing with him even though he can kill enough of the cell. Eventually, Oban’s pride causes him to stop at the cost of sacrifice.

Because of this background story, the scene of Goku, who becomes a soul and helps Oban in the battle with the cell that comes back, comes to be much more touching. You’ll be taken to the scene where you suddenly try to self-destruct. It was a bit unfortunate.

Graphic part. Overall, it wasn’t too bad.

As well as the effects of the skills coming out of the battle, the characters are depicted relatively faithfully. However, the details also grab the ankle here.

Obvious levitation poses that must be taken at the start of a battle will take the same motion, even if the characters are different. In addition, the flying scene in the air made the viewer feel very awkward by making the body firmly shake with only a fixed part of the body-hair or the end of the clothes. In addition, the field backgrounds, effects, and characters often seemed to play separately.

As I said before, this is a bit of a disappointment given that the overall graphics weren’t bad.

The game’s main quests follow the basic storyline. 

In particular, the opening section of each chapter shows subtitles with unique music, and after the episode is finished, a trailer for the next episode is shown along with Goku’s narration. This seems to be a deliberate act for the developer to give the player the feeling of being in a “cartoon”.

Probably, those who watched the Dragon Ball Z manga as well as those who are new to it felt as if they were entering the comics and trying to control Goku and the characters.

In the case of quests, the core main quests were fine, but the “fake” main quests that were filled for the purpose of increasing the weight were a bit disappointing. Of course, I know it can’t be helped because it’s the process of moving the original cartoon into the game. But the problem is that these quests are not attractive at all.

At best, where are you going to collect something? Let’s fight me to practice! And short and predictable quests. In addition, the sub quests were not attractive because they consisted of lush design, enemy’s design filled with color game, and NPC with no personality.

These parts overlap with long, frequent loading, causing greater annoyance.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is more like a half open world than a pure open world. Movement within a region is relatively free, but you must load it through the world map to move to another region. Of course, it wasn’t as good as Ansom, but the loading time was pretty long and the frequency was very frequent.

This adds to the problem of inefficient quest movement. Quests designed to return to the beggars keep players moving around the fieldmap and waiting for loading. In addition, loading screens continue to appear during the story to bother the player.

If it was an inevitable part of system limitations, how about providing other content that could be done during loading? For example, if you provided a picture of a Dragon Ball character, or if you were able to extract a portion of the original comic, you would have been somewhat convinced, even if it was frustrating.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot’s battle was very speedy and thrilling.

The tempo of the battle was very fast, so I had to hit the button without hesitation until I got used to it. Then, as I got used to it and started making combos, the style of battle grew a little and the fun went up. In particular, during the engagement, I made time to avoid this by using the enemy’s wide-range skills or strong skills that should be avoided, and it gave a reddish path in advance and allowed them to react, thus providing a strange feel of a shooting game.

In addition, the Z of the field on the field to upgrade skills, place on the desired button, such as not very free, but some of the customization was possible to some extent. In addition, it was good to try to maintain a certain balance by hanging its own debuff so that the King of Kings and the form of supersyre cannot be used indefinitely.

In addition to the main quests to fight against enemies, you’ll meet small enemies, such as soldiers of the Freezer Corps and Red Ribbon robots, on the field.

In some cases, they were divided into roles such as recovery and summoning fellows, but they gave the impression that they were more like color games with no distinct personality. Of course, this kind of “jobs” rarely appear in the original, which may add to the awkwardness, but I wondered if I could be more concerned.

In addition to these battles, you can also find “Dragon Balls” or collect comic pieces in the field.

However, the process of finding a dragon ball was pretty easy, and the wishes I could make to Yongsin were not very attractive. At best, fighting once again against dead enemies, or making them rich. In addition, comics shows only a few sentences with a full text.

Of course, existing fans can say “I’m sorry, but I’ve implemented it.” But the problem is that even beginners who faced these elements for the first time through the game were not considered. How would you like to do this for the first time in the process of collecting dragon balls, and for those who have no choice but to know his childhood? Dragon Ball, for example, hides it in a more difficult place or adds the joy when it comes to finding conditions, or adds a few more comics.

This is like, we put this in! Don’t say what’s missing! It seemed more unfortunate because it looked like the composition of the equation.

Besides these big and small regrets, the problem with progress is frame drop.

It wasn’t as high as normal, but there was a certain drop or freeze in certain parts. These phenomena were very severe in the cut scene, which is the core of the game.If you look at the attached video, it is a shot of Goku that accepts the special moves of the opponent at the end of the battle, but the frame drop is so severe that it is difficult to see the situation properly.

It was so bad that the voices of the characters passed faster or faster than the dialogue, and the voice was over.

It’s similar to the symptoms I experienced at Ninja Box, so it’s a characteristic of Bandai Namco. I don’t know the specific cause, but I think I need to get some feedback.

It’s hard to point out that this title was a game with a lot of regrets.

If you’ve read the review all the time, you’ve probably felt it. Today, my review is not a “introduction” to the game, but rather a drawback and disappointment.

Nevertheless, this game is well worth playing.

Intense and elaborate productions in the core scenes, and the opening songs that are heavily laid out throughout the game, will pull players into the game and make them feel as if they are directly controlling the comics.

Even in the game, the joy of being able to experience and control the worldview that was dreamed of as a young child gave us a lot of excitement. 

Perhaps the original fans will feel similar emotions. Oh, if you care a little bit more, you’ll be a little unfortunate, but when you listen to the wonderful direction and music, you will go back to your childhood when you dreamed of Goku.

For beginners, it’s a good game to try.

For fans of the original game is a must-play game, let’s put a review period. 

At that time, like all of us were Goku

Today, why don’t you become a Goku through Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

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