FM2020 mobile review showing the arms bent in

The football manager 2020 Mobile, a renowned devil game, was released on 19 November. 
Along with its old civilization and heroes, the game was called the Three Great Evil Games, released on various platforms including PC, Android, ios, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

In particular, since it was released on the merits of mobile, which can be easily accessed on the  road, wherever you live without getting a cell phone,  I have tried civilization and heroes so far, but I have not played it because I did not personally like it.  This is my first time encountering the series.

Let’s write a review from the perspective of the first person, not the person.

Unlike the FIFA and Winning series, the game is basically played by the manager who manages the team rather than playing one. The country could select up to four and the leagues were quite diverse.

On the screen after selecting the Ulsan team in Korea, we were able to select the first and second players from our team. I did not know how to play soccer, but I did not know how to play the game for the first time, so I  chose one player and selected a player with high stats for each position and placed one by one in the  system recommended position. The recommended position here is colored, but I think it’s  green-recommended, yellow normal, orange-slightly, transparent-unsuitable.

Once you’ve sorted out the starters, slide to the left to turn over tactics. Team tactical tendency, left and right width, tempo, creativity defense line, attack type can be selected in detail one by one, but because I do not know well, I did not focus on one place, but progressed toward the balance. 

The manager who manages the club is judged according to how much budget they have , how much they use the  budget, and how the economy is doing. So ambitious at the beginning of the game the first time bringing the Son Heung-Min and start with a spirited aspirations Girard is filled with good players, but what in reality no amount of recruitment dreams kkulsu not seem to lack budget and learned.

If you try to make money in a common RPG game, you could make
money automatically by going through monster hunting or quests, but in FM 2020 you won’t get any money by winning the game. Rather, as time went by, I had to pay weekly salaries to the players. I had, but I didn’t think it would be a plus. However, by running the game several times, each player grows, and based on this growth, he can secure his budget by transferring to other clubs.

Yayatore has been bought by selling a goalkeeper.

If you’ve initially signed up with 2 billion, it’s not impossible to grow and  transfer to 20 billion. Indeed, the best position in my team is the goalkeeper, who started to win in the K-League in a series of consecutive wins and started to ride in the  other teams. There is a bar. This does not mean that the amount can be used as it is, but must be approved by the committee before it can be used to recruit players.

In the process of signing up or transferring transfers, there was a system such as negotiations that allowed me to deal with small amounts before dealing with them. If you are too greedy, you may miss out on the opportunity to recruit a good player, so you need a reasonable amount of money rather than pursuing too much.

After understanding the basic system, we decided to start playing. At the top right of the screen is a button called Go, which is the same as going one turn. The schedule of playing in the league is fixed, and every time a day  passes, various incidents are reported from the mail system.

Of course, it’s always good to hear the good news, but  the personal situation of players who may have been injured during training and missed the game for a while or that the senior coach analyzes the anticipated tactics of the next opponent or who should be in the next game. Show them together.

If a player who cannot be missed as the main player is selected as the national team or  is injured during training or cannot participate in the 
next game, there will be a problem in the next game. Mentoring each player will raise the stats, and the  players may request a personal promotion to the coach. Taking care of these things one by one makes them more immersive to each player  .

As the game schedule approaches, our team will decide on the starters
and proceed with the  game. When a game is worth a goal or when it’s creating an opportunity, a simple pin moves on the screen to show it, and 
just moving flat is replaced by an overview. 

At the end of the first half, the team will tell you what part of the player did well in the current situation,  so you can change tactics or replace players accordingly. Normally, when they are not scoring each other, if they are running out of time, they aggressively play and try to make a score somehow.

Similarly, at the end of the match, points are scored according to win and loss, and at the end of the league, how high the score is. Once in the rankings, it will be promoted to the next league and it is possible to advance from the k league to the Champions League.

Up to this point, the overall framework is repeated. In the meantime , it seems that the goal of this game is to grow and transfer players, recruit new players, and use the collected money to make a stronger club and win the final league.

As a user who is new to the FM series, I couldn’t adapt at first, but  I’m
getting used to the devil’s reputation. I thought it was getting more and more.

Mentoring, position setting, recruiting, player scouts, including dialogue with the players, the training also included a fairly large do than you think and spend the day hours a day to sign jotgetdaneun hope and the other players if sustained no injury to a Deal The process gave me some sense of tension and I felt a sense of accomplishment when my tactics and player arrangements led my opponent to  win.

However, there were a few things that were unsatisfactory while playing the FM2020 game. The first is that the list of starters is at best. Because you put everything on a small screen on your mobile, you will miss more often than you think when choosing or replacing a player  .

Secondly, because SEGA is a Japanese game company, there was a controversy that Korean players were undervalued compared to Japanese players. The most controversial is the comparison of performance between Son Heung-min and Kubo, because the performance of Son Heung-min, who is currently active in Tottenham, and Kubo, who have not yet shown such results, are not much different.

You know that you want to hit your own player high by bending your arms inside, but the community of FM-related Efem Korea made a complaint 
about the problem, and you know that some of Heung-min’s stats have been raised. .

So far, I have played the fm2020 mobile. It was the first time that this kind of game was the first time, and it was quite fun to raise the club as a manager, unlike the prejudice  that the original sports game did not suit your taste  .

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