League of Legends New Champion One Deal ‘Apelios’ revealed

Riot Games unveiled its new long-range dealer champion Apelios on the League of Legends universe homepage.

Apelius was born to Alun and twins, and served as Lunari worshiper of the moon.

Apelius trained by wielding a moonstone sword and took the power of night by consuming the essence of the dark flower on a pilgrimage in the dark.

Through the Dark Flower, the power of Alun, the twin, was able to flow into Apelios and wield it with a weapon, which led to Lunari’s task.

Diana is a Lunari champion, such as Apellios.

In the open illustrations, they have weapons like scythes, which are classified as long-range dealers and are expected to act like throwing devices and magic wands like the Draven.

There is also a passage in the story of Aphelios that “Apelios used the magic of Alun and his assassination techniques to protect survivors and perform numerous tasks.”

You can find out more about Shinch Aphelios on the official League of Legends homepage.

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