Review of the Need for Speed ​​Hits [PS4]

Need for Speed ​​released its 24th series of Need for Speed ​​Hits, which celebrated its 25th anniversary. If you look at the most recent series, Rivals, Faybeck, and Edge, you’ve been disappointed. Gamers who remember the name ‘Need for Speed’ and are looking forward to the franchise’s game are now tired

The core and identity of Need for Speed ​​is Action. Of course, racing itself is an action, but Need for Speed ​​has a taste that stimulates instincts like sprint and destruction. It’s a game that aims to “ pick up means and methods ” rather than shorten the time. If you’re late, catch up with nitro and start competing with them. Of course, reducing lap times is like fate in racing games, but the record doesn’t matter much at Need for Speed. After all, it’s more important to get in faster than others.

However, it was difficult to find this in recent Need for Speed. The main focus was on content that focuses on luck and reinforcement. In the case of ‘draw’, domestic gamers who had been hit by mobile were very disappointed by the random pay of ‘payback’, and gamers who were tired of ‘strengthening’ factor were also used to manage ‘1’ and +2 of ‘edge’. I’m tired. Even the affection that remained in the Need for Speed ​​franchise is about to evaporate.

The new Need for Speed ​​Hits has been firmly preparing to reverse this situation. They boldly removed the aggression, luck, and reinforcement of items that don’t match racing games, and tried to find the original color that needs to be remembered by fans. And finally. A gift for domestic fans who have been waiting for over 10 years. The official ‘Korean language’ has been confirmed.

Once you see this far, you’ve definitely got something different and you feel it. Let’s take a look at how well you have prepared and how you can awaken the instincts that are hard on the minds of the Need for Speed ​​racers.

Hip by day, dangerous by night

The biggest feature of the new Need for Speed ​​Hit is DAY & NIGHT. It is the introduction of ‘day and night’. It’s not just a system of changing time zones. As the concept of the game is called “ legal during the day and fame at night, ” there are different ways to play each time zone, and rewards vary slightly.

First of all, the daytime event is ‘Circuit Racing’. It’s a way around three rounds of a given course. You can either stop other cars from overtaking for the first place, or drive the optimal course. Circuit racing doesn’t mean that strict rules apply. You can use a shortcut to break a fence or use a shortcut, but if you miss a checkpoint you will have to go back. Most daytime events are controlled by roads, so try lap times or try cornering skills.

Night racing in the Need for Speed ​​Hit story is illegal. The events that can be attended at night are a bit more rough and street racing and sprint racing that awaken instincts. ‘Night Sprint’ a certain section of the uncontrolled world map. You can cool off street lamps, roadside trees, and fire hydrants.

However, note that unlike daytime, there are many variables. In addition to the cars involved in the race, you may face the return of good citizens as you race through an open world map rather than a controlled road. If you’re too slow to find good cars, you could crash and reverse your ranking in a moment.

As a matter of fact, anyone who has played the Need for Speed ​​or GTA series will know, but it’s the player who races on an ambitious night in the game. Even if it is the fault of 100, if you bump into a car that suddenly pops out of a corner, you will come to the ugly nature of human destruction. I also threw a few pads with bad words.

It is hard to see how to crush and destroy public facilities like this. Police cars catch up to educate the offenders on the rebels who insult the victim’s car even if they have made a mistake. The chase with the police is essential to the need for speed. As mentioned earlier, in Palm City, the background for Need for Speed, driving at night is a sin. During the day, police cars that just passed by do not make a big mistake at night, and they do not look at them while competing in the ranking of event racing.

During the chase with the police, you can accumulate hit numbers. The ‘Heat’ level goes up as you play, touch the police planting and smash more police cars. When you have finished the night safely, you can get more rewards in addition to the basic rewards, so it is good to use them well.

Of course, when everything was not caught by the police. Personally, I felt the harshest and hottest police ever. The overall police AI is very high, and it’s chasing all the way. Even with hit level 2, the Dodge-Charger SRT-8 will launch. The number of repairs that can be repaired during the chase is basically two, it is possible to abandon various parts of the vehicle as we have already experienced in previous works, or to eliminate the problem that was a common solution ‘bribe’. Obviously, the interaction with the police and compensation have evolved a lot.

It is the concept of Need for Speed ​​that collects money in a legal way during the day and builds the reputation of the lawless at night. Of course, playing one event is not a problem, but buying good cars and parts requires both ‘fame’ and ‘funds’. Get used to being a fighter in the day and an outlaw at night.

Watching the day and night of the fictional city of Palm City, mimicking Miami is another fun. In this ‘Need for Speed ​​Hit’, we introduced the weather clearly and tried to show the various aspects of the city. Day or night, the race is based on a world map anyway. Remember to memorize the road every time you go to your destination, and it’s also fun to compare different views of day and night.

Honest Acquisition and Tuning

A total of 127 vehicles will appear in this new work. Almost all of the brands that are likely to appear in racing games. The car, which received a good response from the previous work, also appears. However, Toyota’s cars are also missing in this series. I personally see ‘Hangulhwa’ or ‘Do you have any spirana or genesis?’ I looked at it, but there are no domestic brands.

To unlock a good car, you need both money and fame. Naturally, a good car is expensive and requires a higher reputation. Steadily breaking the quest to proceed with the event will not be difficult. Certain vehicles will only open when certain challenges are met. It is not difficult. There are more than a certain speed set by the camera, the smashing billboards and collecting art. It’s not bad to find and achieve various collection elements all over the world map.

Tuning the car body also requires money and fame. Each part can be purchased directly or obtained by clearing a mission. And finally, in this series, we’ve drastically taken away elements like random elements, excessive points collection, and vehicle level up. Tuning is divided into four categories: ‘engine’, ‘chassis’, ‘drive row’ and ‘assist’, and 14 parts can be upgraded in detail. The engine can also be full. If you replace the computer’s motherboard with a better engine, you’ll have better parts. Parts can also be installed to help you get rid of the police. The grades that can be replaced are 5 grades: Sports, Pro, Super, Elite, and Ultimate. There is no reinforcement factor for the + value, and all values ​​are fixed rather than random. 

Respect for taste

The start and end of this need for speed hit is ‘customizing’. This time you can feel very prepared and prepared. First of all, the appearance of the car is ‘painting’ and ‘decal’. The colors aren’t very detailed, but there are very few colors that can be worn on the car. Decals have also been prepared for different tastes. But even with so much material, many gamers aren’t interested in toxic “customization,” or bothersome, or shit in the first place. Those racers don’t have to worry too much, just download what other gamers have made.

Detail details can change almost any visible part, from bumpers to headlights, taillights, and trunk leads. All of them come from real brand products, so it’s fun to compare them and find out. Above all, the end of customization is ‘exhaust sound’. In the meantime, you don’t have to listen for the same paste. In reality, exhaust noise is one of the most important car tuning factors. ‘Need for Speed ​​Hit’ has not missed this and prepared ‘Sound’.

Here is not the end. This ‘Need for Speed ​​Hit’ has been packed with ‘customization’ of the player who has been neglected. Players can choose from a variety of basic characters to decorate from head to shoes. You can see the brand of reality. You might see yourself choosing Adidas Sweats and Puma Shoes to put a decal on your car.

In addition, by downloading and linking the mobile ‘NEED FOR SPEED STUDIO’ application, you can share the beautifully decorated car on SNS and look at the AR function. For ‘Kerma Craftsmen’, it contains the crew’s consideration not to sit hard but to lie down and relax.

Need for Speed ​​is back

Of course, there were some things that were unfortunate. It is unfortunate that it is not listed to select a specific radio genre like ‘GTA’, and that it cannot be listened to separately. The songs in the game weren’t bad, but it was a little different from my personal taste. Unlike daytime, it is often lost at night due to overlapping effects of surrounding light sources. Because there are no radar on the road surface or in the sky, you only have to drive through navigation and checkpoints. Sprint racing doesn’t limit the world map just because the mission starts, so if you get on the wrong road, you’ll have to restart.

The most uncomfortable areas were graphics, loading delays and subtitle sync. Dropping frames and loading on the PS4 was a fate. Sometimes frame-conscious gamers, like FPS, are encouraged to play on a PC rather than a console. If you use a PC, you can listen to the background music separately.

This new hit is inevitably a need for speed. Depending on what you see, ‘What’s this? There are a lot of parts that get the feeling of ‘from the previous work’. Personally, I felt like I picked out only the good points of the series so far, but some gamers may see them as ‘simple weaving’. I’d like to positively evaluate this ‘Hit’ because I tried to use the unique taste of Need for Speed. It seems to be the limit of the need for speed franchise. You can’t easily ignore content like the history of the franchise. Need for Speed, which ignored these points, was ignored and abandoned because it brought content that should not be introduced.

‘Need for Speed ​​Hit’ is a work that contains the strength and direction of ‘Need for Speed’ in order not to swear, correcting the mistakes that have been made so far, and continuing. Of course, the fuel economy of 70,000 won is very bad in terms of ‘content consumption’ and ‘story volume’, but if you’ve been a fan you’ve been in for a long time, it’s worth buying at least once. If you’re a newcomer to Need for Speed, or if you’re a fan of last-minute tricks, this is the time for Need for Speed ​​Hits.

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