Unpatriotic International Students Trapped at Hubei Campus

An unprecedented quarantine of 54 million people
in Pakistan who are seeking to repatriate their citizens from Australia, New Zealand, France, Indonesia, India and Afghanistan.

Wuhan citizens in Hubei Province, China, who are suffering from a new coronavirus infection, arrive at Gimpo International Airport in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the 31st and are getting off from the charter.
International students from countries that have not evacuated their citizens from Hubei province have begged their homeland in the US, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. .

On March 31, 368 Korean citizens returned to Gimpo International Airport from Wuhan in Wuhan, and 18 people with fever were transferred to quarantine beds. 

Promising to repatriate citizens from Australia, New Zealand, France, Indonesia, India and Afghanistan, students from countries such as Pakistan who do not repatriate their citizens have been begged for government intervention. 

The university began serving food in the cafeteria on Monday, but all other shops were closed. The Pakistan Embassy did not respond to the plea for evacuation and said some classmates are suffering mentally.

Hubei citizens in Hubei province arrive at Gimpo International Airport in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the 31st and are under further quarantine.
For many foreigners stranded in Hubei, the prospect of waiting a few more weeks seemed unbearable, the Washington Post reported.

Pakistani medical student Kashir Jawide, who studies at the Hubei Polytechnic University outside Wuhan, said he was on campus with 100 other international students from Asia and Africa.

Another Pakistani student, Hussine Chisti, said the university doors were locked and the students were tied to campus. 

Supermarket shelves are emptied as residents stock up on Wuhan (Photo: BBC)
“The rapid spread of coronaviruses has made the city completely blocked, all public transport, markets, train stations, and in fact our university gates are locked, and we can’t go out.” 

He said in an online petition that there were about 40 Pakistani students at his university and they were locked in their rooms. 

“Our classmates from Indonesia are evacuating from this city. Since the United States and Japan have already evacuated their citizens, I appeal to the Pakistani government to take steps to evacuate us from here. Even in closed cities, it spreads day by day. ” 

Another Pakistani-born third-year student of medical school, who did not give a name, was trapped on campus to share food and was not sure how long he would be kept. 

A family on the outskirts of Wuhan on January 27 looks out at home (photo = AFP)
Meanwhile, all media schools in Wuhan will switch to online courses starting Feb. 10, local media reported.

Tang said an English teacher was instructed to prepare to teach over the Internet, perhaps for a long time.

Zeng Yulin, a teacher, said Wuhan librarians are providing books to keep children at home. Banks are even extending their mortgage payments. 

In Wuhan, the birthplace of the corona virus, an unprecedented quarantine measure of 45 million people began to take place in almost a week, and authorities are desperately trying to supply protective equipment, test kits and beds.

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