Want to become a game designer?

As a game designer, why don’t you play games after getting off work and take time to write articles? Is it too idle to panic and has nothing to do, or is there any other purpose? Let’s talk about why you need to write an article to become a game designer, so let’s get started.

What are the benefits of writing articles?

I’m tired of class and work every day. Why do I not lie in bed and write articles when I can rest? Because writing articles has many advantages, here are five advantages of writing articles, which are sorting and analyzing, improving communication skills, recording and feedback, strengthening cognition, and self-branding. The content below will be divided according to these five items. Description.

1. 📑 Organize and analyze new knowledge, systemize, and integrate it into its system:

Through the process of writing an article, I organize and analyze the knowledge learned in my brain. After the second thinking, I can integrate this knowledge into my thought system more systematically.

In the process of sorting out, you can also use past knowledge to test new knowledge, and in the process of sorting out, you can leave behind the most helpful content.

This ability can also be used to analyze various content in the game, organize and analyze how the same or different functions are designed in various games, and even why the interface is drawn like this. This will become a very powerful capital for future game design, and one of the reasons why game designers need to play a lot of games.

2.📝Improve the expressive ability to write written materials:

Whether it is face-to-face communication or writing written materials, it is closely related to the ability to think and express.

In the process of writing an article, there are usually paragraphs about the subject, sorting out the outline, describing the details, etc., all of which test your ability to think and express, and how to organize the subject matter so that other people can read it. The format that you understand can be practiced by writing articles again and again.

As a game designer, the most important thing is the ability to express. Game designers are often at the junction between programming and art. In addition to understanding each other’s knowledge to facilitate communication, improving their expression skills is also very helpful for the team. (The premise is that you can’t write an unreasonable plan)

3.📜Convenient to review related knowledge in the future:

Don’t believe in human memory. Human memory is probably a little better than goldfish, so recording what you have learned is the best way to review it. After learning a new thing, as long as there is no repeated use, it will slowly pass away in time. At this time, you can quickly review through the article you have written and retrieve what you have learned.

At the same time, the information you have written will reside in your brain. Even if there is only a trace of memory left, when you find an article, you can find the original thinking thread through the content. Let your brain be like a search engine, and articles like an inventory website, using keywords to retrieve the learned information.

4.📚Adjust knowledge perception through social interaction and feedback:

Through the exchange of articles and the community, I can verify again whether there are any blind spots or errors in my knowledge. And with the power of everyone in the community to conduct broader or deeper discussions, and have more opportunities to expand the relevant knowledge learned.

One person walks fast; a group of people walks far. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

Through the feedback given by others, you can also find your own mistakes in time, or learn other content in different fields. And to give feedback to others is to reflect on what you have learned. By retrieving the knowledge into the brain for processing before typing or speaking, it can deepen the impression of the knowledge.

5.📢Operate self-media and build a personal brand:

After you can produce articles stably, you can start to develop your writing style, which can effectively help you shape your image. In the age of self-media eruption, it is very helpful to be able to create your exclusive content, whether it is future work or entrepreneurship.

Studying has been so hard, why write articles?

Some people may want to say that it is too late to learn, why write articles for others to see, and why do you spend time doing this kind of thing? When you are in the process of writing an article, you will have second-deep learning in the process of thinking.

At the same time, because you have to write an article, you need to think over and over again, whether there are any parts that you did not understand or explain wrong in the materials you learned at the beginning to deepen the impression of the original study. In my past learning experience, when I was a programming assistant (TA) in the department, I was most impressed with programming learning. Because I often need to think over and over again about how to explain a certain piece of knowledge and tell it more simply and understandably. This process allows me to better consolidate the relevant content and internalize it into my language.

What should I do if I have never written an article?

No one writes articles as soon as they are born, and there is nothing that can reach the sky in one step, so if you make up your mind, just sit down and write!

There is no need to worry about too few words in the article, The point is what you want to deliver and think about.

Don’t worry about writing too shallow,that

There are various stages in the learning process, and so is knowledge. The key point is whether you have learned anything from it.

No need to worry about the topic of the article repeating with others, What matters is your point of view, just like there are no two repeated leaves in the world, and your point of view is the same.

No need to worry about mistakes, the right path cannot be found without mistakes.

So having said so much, the summary is:

Don’t be afraid, just write it!

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